Workshops & Courses for the Mind and Body


Pathways to Peace will free you from the prison of your perceptions and enable you to find personal peace. Learn techniques to be authentic and thrive, and to remain calm and centred when challenges arise. Do this very practical course and learn to streamline tasks, organise and prioritise, de-stress and take back control. Sue will help you find and retain balance in your life.  This is an introductory level online course in combination with one-on-one/small group mentoring calls over four weeks. 

Soul Singing is based on Sue’s personal self-help techniques that enabled her to overcome persistent feelings of depression and negativity. Take a journey led by Sue to identify the music that speaks to your soul – the music that makes your soul sing! You can learn to really feel deeply in a safe way, release negative emotions that drag you down, and find joy again. The singing activities help bring about the physiology responses that elevate mood and support feelings of happiness and peace. This isn’t about sounding wonderful – it’s about feeling wonderful!

Delivery is via an introductory three hour workshop (in small in-person groups or via webinar), followed up with several weeks of online participative activities. 

Practice Administration for Healthcare Workers is designed to support Australian healthcare workers where their modality of specialisation isn't covered by the Australian Skills Quality Authority courses. You might know what you're doing with your crystal sessions, or chakra work, or other area of expertise, but did you know you might be breaching laws for health and safety? Do you know what your legal obligations are for running a practice? What about client records, accounting and reporting for tax? If you don't know those things, then you need this course.

The course can be delivered as an in-person intensive, but is also available online from February 2020, delivered in weekly modules (though you can pace your sessions to work within your available time).


Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki

Reiki I – The “all round” workshop Sue recommends for anyone of any age and stage. This is a truly holistic, transformative, experiential seminar, taking place over a Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday all day. You really will make a huge difference in your life. It’s the one healing modality where you can safely support yourself AND family and friends.

Sue recommends Reiki predominantly for your personal toolkit, but for those who are drawn to working in the healing industry, you can complete your therapist training by doing Reiki II and the professional practice courses.

The professional practice course is aimed at Australians as it deals with the legislative and healthcare worker requirements that apply in that country.

Learn about client records, tax and other reporting obligations, adapting treatment strategies for complex or unusual client presentations, privacy and confidentiality compliance, OHS/WHS and much more!

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