I'm Dying... Let's Party!

Have you or a loved one been told you have limited time left? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the diagnosis? Do you want to say “Goodbye” to friends and family in a positive way before you die?

You’ve been in the position of thinking about this before today. You've been at the funeral where everyone is saying, “Have I come to the right send-off? The person they’re talking about isn’t the person I knew!”

How often have you thought, “I just hope my funeral isn’t like this”? Well, with this very practical and heartfelt book, full of resources, your situation doesn't have to be like this.

Your farewell can truly reflect your life and passions, and if you choose to, you can say your goodbyes before you die. 

Don’t leave the planning to chance - or to strangers. Whether you want to be at your own party, or you just want to ensure your wishes are respected, don’t wait. Plan your own bon voyage party or “living wake”. It doesn’t need to be daunting or overwhelming.

Sue will show you just how easy it is to take control of your own life and your departure from it! Not only do you receive resources and guidelines to help with the practical aspects of planning, Sue also provides three illustrative fictional stories of how others have handled do-it-yourself planning (a man in his 40s, a teen girl, and a woman in her 80s).

There are resources on communication - reconnecting and reconciling with people where perhaps you've lost touch or there is unfinished business - and on helping those you leave behind to transition into grief in a healing way rather than one of despair.

Links to resources are presented for Australia, the U.S., the U.K., New Zealand, and Canada.

Sue Lake-Harris has a background as a celebrant, holistic health teacher and practitioner, event manager and performing arts teacher. Sue has used her experiences as inspiration to write this book, along with resources, guides and tips, that will help you tailor an amazing farewell that truly reflects the person who will be saying goodbye - you. She is sympathetic to the position readers find themselves in, but is practical in her approach - ideas are presented in a positive way, but nothing is sugar-coated or avoided.

What others say...

“This is a how-to book with a big difference. Wish I'd thought of it."

Toni Lamond (AM) - Logie Winner, Author, Helpmann Award, recipient of multiple honours

An amazing heart-wrenching and tear-jerking book, yet positive and practical. Written from the heart and badly needed for families living with the knowledge of imminent or near imminent passing.”

John Coleman, Palliative Care Volunteer

President – Australian Reiki Connection


“I’m Dying… Let’s Party! is a must have for every family. Use this book to plan ahead and break down the barriers and end of life burdens. Realize that it is very healthy and wise to break tradition and express love and the life lived.“

Debra Lynn Hayes

Author of: RISE…What To Do When Hell Won’t Back Off

Amazon Reviews - all 5 Stars!


What a Concept!

I'm going to steal a line from the inside cover of this book-- "I wish I had thought of it." This is a great book. I've always thought the Irish had a great idea of an emotional wake for the departed...at first a testimonial, then a (loud and perhaps boisterous) party...that's what I had envisioned for myself and even asked my spouse and children to do for the people attending my wake. But this idea of attending your own, or designing your own (in case death comes quickly and/or is not anticipated) is way, way better. Sue writes so well laying out stories, then ideas for the readers to construct/design their own wakes...or at least talk to loved ones to create a blueprint for something meaningful for both the departed and those who remain behind. What a concept! Good on ya, Sue...highly recommended. Read and proceed.

B. Colenda

Making a taboo topic mainstream, as it should be.

As someone who has buried many loved ones, and faced possible death herself, I absolutely love this book. As a society, we so fear death that we can barely bring ourselves to mention the topic, especially to someone who is actually dying (and aren't we all actually dying?). The author not only makes the subject comfortable, but provides a practical plan for making sure yours - or your loved one's - life celebration reflects who they are. A must read.

R. Richards

Definite must-have
What a delicious concept!
Instead of missing out on the good-byes, throw a party and enjoy those you care about.

Susan Lake-Harris shows not only the why to do this, but helps with the how. Outstanding!

J. F. Bryant

Beautifully written

Lake-Harris is an accomplished writer capable of carrying difficult but touching messages with her words. The stories are inspiring and at times eye opening. I walked away with a new perspective about death, and life. Highly recommended.

F. Yu

A must read!

We're scared to talk about death, and often, we don't know what to say to someone facing it. Through her own journey, Susan gives such a great perspective.

B. Fyke

To be released in 2020

  • Healthy Body Basics - Foundations in Anatomy & Physiology from a Holistic Perspective

  • Practice Administration and Compliance for Healthcare Workers

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